About Us

The inspired journey of G TOWN SOCIETY magazine was initiated in 2014 by Nishee Stephen and Sunny Sandy with a primary purpose of educating its readers about both the traditional and modern aspects of our daily lives. Dedicated to journalistic integrity, thoughtful writing and excellent design, G TOWN SOCIETY’s ultimate goal is to foster the reader’s passion for the innumerable facets of the rich and beautiful cultures, traditions and lifestyles in India and abroad. We are a mouth-piece of the society where fashion, culture, lifestyle and social issues come together under the same umbrella. Our monthly magazine also features the topics like style, beauty, social influencers and newsmakers.


MISS DELHI presented by the G TOWN SOCIETY acts a talent-hunt-platform where the definition of fashion is not confined to the superficial concept of prioritizing physical appearance; the captivating charm of this paragon of virtue has exhibited in its truest sense for three years, in a row. With an aim to create an awareness by the use of a platform, designed to bring the women of today’s generation into the limelight and take measures towards the leveraging female enablement in the country, our efforts are directed towards the all-round-development of each and every section of Indian women, by giving them their due share of esteem and impartiality. For the past two years, our events have been featured in some of the most popular mainlines and news channels for and has gained immense popularity, with the passage of time.


MISS DELHI aims to deliver the objective of “Beauty with Purpose” and strongly adhere to the endeavor to not only promote young talents and help the less-fortunate strata of the society but also create awareness among the providential for taking an initiative. We, the team, strongly profess and endorse woman empowerment through this celebrated beauty pageant with an effort directed towards an all-round development of every woman in our country.

This exercise is an effort to explore, encourage and indentify the various aspects within a woman that needs to be nurtured, to create an environment for themselves and indentify the various roles a woman could play in the development of a society as well as the country. Such program would encourage the generation to break social barriers and contribute towards the making of a better future and thus, a better world where woman would not be differentiated.

Through this exceptional marriage of grandeur and philanthropy, we trust that MISS DELHI 2018 will receive the support and prominence, which we have received so far in our attempt to not just promote young talents but also spread our helping hands to the welfare and sustenance of womanhood.