“I appreciate the central idea of “MISS DELHI” about supporting the youth and women of our society and support their cause whole heartedly. This event promotes equal rights for women in the society and exhibits how naturally beautiful they are. Through this platform, the girls are groomed, maintained and presented on a high standard for their future. I am always open for sharing tips and suggestions with the contestants and wish them all the very best! “ – Shahnaz Hussain

“I thoroughly enjoyed being at this grand event. Watching individuals with different personalities coming from different walks of life with different aspirations reinstated my belief that although we are all connected as beings, we are unique and it is our uniqueness that makes us all special in ways more than one. I had fun rendezvousing with my fellow jury members. The event was both enriching and entertaining. I’m glad that I could be a part of it. I wish all the participants and the winners the very best in their endeavors.” – Sherlyn Chopra

“My experience for the last two years’ competitions has been very encouraging and this trend is here to stay! The paricipants experience a great transformation in their perspectives for decision and crisis management; brush up their communication skills and thinking capacity. They learn to stay on a high energy  and communication level during the entire duration of the contest. Most importantly, the girls learn about developing their self-image which a much-needed aspect for our girls. I welcome all the contestants of MISS DELHI 2017’s on board. The girls must keep the tough competition in mind and work on their outlook, personality and appearance. I hope to coach with greater intensity and integrity, this year.” – Alok Kumar, Leadership and Communication Coach

“The health and fitness session with contestants in the past two years of MISS DELHI were very delightful. We engaged the girls in a lot of vigor activities to find out that many of the contestants were physically fit but then, they all had to work on their figure, posture, proportions and shape. With correct workout schedule and nutrition planning, we achieved the desired for all our participants. I love the event every year and the required arrangements were perfect. I truly hope to see some more fresh talents this year.” – Bindiya Sharma, Fitness Guru and Mentor

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. They already are! It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. The empowered women are powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. MISS DELHI , an amazing pageant through it’s amazing grooming sessions helped me learn more about who I was, it also helped me learn to accept criticism and carry myself with more confidence. It helped me grow and become a woman I am today. It gives the perfect opportunity to bring out the beauty in us and to help be the woman, we seek to become. This pageant made me realize that a woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. I am very thankful to MISS DELHI for its constant support and guidance!”- Sanya Manocha, Mentor

“MISS DELHI is a platform which enhances the personality of a girl in terms of confidence, will power and works on their overall development as an individual. This platform, for me, is close to heart since it was my first ever pageant. After winning the title of 1st Runner’s Up for MISS DELHI 2015 at 18, I got a direction in my life. Today, after winning three separate beauty pageant titles and modeling and walking for brands like Global Desi, BIBA and key designers respectively, I have learnt to believe in myself and my capabilities. The credit for this development as an individual clearly goes to the G-Town Society. Once you get associated with them, the journey continues without any halt. I’m thankful to the team for being so kind and supportive. Lots of good wishes to the team, especially to the gorgeous Nishee Stephen and the diligent Dhruv Stephen. I wish nothing but the best for the team. Love!” – Asmita Kaushik, 1st Runner’s Up, MISS DELHI 2015

“It was one of my dreams to be crowned as “Miss Delhi” and I worked hard towards achieving it. The show is not just a beauty pageant but is, indeed, a full transformation of life. I have been very grateful to have got this opportunity and definitely the amazing friends which I have made. Thank you to the entire team of Miss Delhi and a special one to our mentor, Sanya Manocha.” – Shelly Kataria, MISS DELHI 2016

“My pageant days with Miss Delhi were veritably the best days of my 18 years of life! Pageants can be a little intimidating but it all depends on your outlook. From the very beginning of my journey till my crowning, every moment spent with the team was worth it. With power, comes great responsibility- “Miss Delhi” has thus, not only made me the best version of myself but has also helped me in fulfilling my purpose of spreading mental awareness among all sections of the society. It has indeed been this platform, that has tremendously epitomized me into the individual that I am today and so I will forever be grateful to it.” – Eisha Vohra, First Runners-up, MISS DELHI 2016

“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish. The empowered women are powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. This pageant, through its impressive grooming sessions, stunning photo shoots and a noble cause, gave me the perfect opportunity to bring out the beauty in me and helped me be the woman that I needed to be as a girl.”- Radhika Sanghi, 2nd Runners Up, MISS DELHI 2017